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May 28, 2014 4:00am PDT
flooding now marching eastward, extending from houston to new orleans, and north into arkansas. in houston, a mother was killed instantly when a tree limb fell on top of her. her horrified 7-year-old son, looking on in the driveway. just a few miles east, in la porte, texas, at least a dozen people were injured when they're construction tent collapsed, blown over by a suspected funnel cloud. >> just minor injuries. scrapes, bruises, cuts, contusions. >> reporter: but they weren't so lucky in north dakota, on monday. >> this is about to go right over us. dude, where do we go? we have nowhere to go. >> reporter: where a funnel cloud with winds of 120 miles per hour raked through a camp of oil field workers. it injured at least 9 people, 1 critically, and destroyed 15 trailers. elsewhere, it's all about the flooding. some parts of houston have seen six inches of rain just over the past few days. turning streets into rivers and rivers into lakes. >> the water's moving really fast. it's crazy. >> reporter: and the region is bracing for still more severe weather. and that flooding risk i
May 28, 2014 2:00am PDT
through the houston area. this is now the third round of storms this morning that they've dealt with within the last 24 hours. severe thunderstorm warning from houston down galveston. look at that, almost 5 inches of rain in the last 48 hours. they have flash flood warnings for the houston area. this weather pattern is going to continue to plague the region with showers and downpowers. in orange and red colors, that's as much as 4 to 5 inches of rain from new orleans to houston today and tomorrow. temperature change much chillier from new york city to boston. that cold front is going to make itself felt today. 67 with showers compared to mid-80s yesterday. if you're in philly, up to boston, it's definitely not summer anymore. it's spring. >> we found a little bit of that humidity here at least less than a day. >> it will be back. >>> you got cocktails, you got firearms, but together, a shooting range gets a liquor license. >>> plus, the rich get richer, what an average ceo is paid now in eight figures. that's not all. we're back in two. [ male announcer ] people all over the world kn
May 28, 2014 2:30am PDT
were. >>> houston has been getting nailed by storms. houston, severe thunderstorm warning now it's passing to the south towards galveston. houston picked up 5 inches of rain in the last two days. they've got flooding issues. we're going to get drenched from louisiana to houston, new orleans, baton rouge, lake charles. up to 3 to 5 inches of rain. if you noticed in new england, yesterday was 52 degrees in the afternoon in boston. 92 degrees, we call this a back door cold front, thomas. all the cold air, all the people up around they send it our way. it makes us chillier. >> we'll take it. it goes the other way. >> what goes all other way? all the hot air's down here? >> yeah. >>> thank you so much, coming up on "morning joe," nbc's exclusive interview with edward snowden. what he says about his experience with american spy services before he leaks sensitive information. >>> then when we come back here, we're going to huddle around the water cooler with bill murray who spouting life's words for any bachelor about to pop the question. we're back after this. ♪ why don't you just let
houston sat down with anna coren about the status of the search, what's happening right now, and whether they will ever find that plane. anna is live for us this morning in canberra, australia. what did houston say about the search and the difficulty of finding this plane, anna? >> reporter: well, christine, there's no doubt about it, this is probably the biggest challenge of his career. we're talking about a military man, a former chief of the australian defense force whose career has spanned 40 years. he describes this as the most difficult search in history, but he is confident that they will find mh-370 and that it is in the southern indian ocean. obviously, they are going off those four pings that they detected at the beginning of april that they believe were signals emitted from the black boxes on board that plane. the bluefin-21 that is making its way out to that search area, it will be in the water within the next 24 hours and will be going down for its 19th dive, scouring the bottom of the ocean. it's managed to reach about 5,000 meters deep. the problem is, however, you know, s
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May 2, 2014 12:01am PDT
top trending videos all week. wilson the monkey visited the local morning show "great day houston," and this happened. >> see who wanted to cohost with me? look what i got? >> take that and-- ( laughter ) >> oh! controversy is great for celebrities. let's come up with some ideas for wilson the monkey's movie. examples this might be world war chimpanzee. a clockwork orangutan. the jerk, off on zoo visitors. i'm sorry i laughed at that. i'm going to put 60 seconds on the clock and go. >> oh yes! monkey hearts. >> no points. nikki glaser. >> jane goodfell as. good one, points. >> abe lincoln. >> points. >> monkey hard too-- >> no i'm not calling on you, todd. your button has to light up. >> cape smear. >> yes! point. gaffigan. >> cloudy with a chance of thrown feces. >> yes. ( applause ) todd.d >> monkey hard, two morningy harder. >> ironically i'm going to give you points for monkey hard two morningy harder. nikki glaser. >> the hunt for red ass-tobeer. >> points. jim gaffigan. >> auto focus. >> what. >> with monkies. >> that's the end of tonight's #hashtagwars. we'll be back with m
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May 2, 2014 2:00am PDT
the monkey visited the local morning show "great day houston," and this happened. >> see who wanted to cohost with me? look what i got? >> take that and-- ( laughter ) >> oh! controversy is great for celebrities. let's come up with some ideas for wilson the monkey's movie. examples this might be world war chimpanzee. a clockwork orangutan. the jerk, off on zoo visitors. i'm sorry i laughed at that. i'm going to put 60 seconds on the clock and go. >> oh yes! monkey hearts. >> no points. nikki glaser. >> jane goodfell as. good one, points. >> abe lincoln. >> points. >> monkey hard too-- >> no i'm not calling on you, todd. your button has to light up. >> cape smear. >> yes! point. gaffigan. >> cloudy with a chance of thrown feces. >> yes. ( applause ) todd.d >> monkey hard, two morningy harder. >> ironically i'm going to give you points for monkey hard two morningy harder. nikki glaser. >> the hunt for red ass-tobeer. >> points. jim gaffigan. >> auto focus. >> what. >> with monkies. >> that's the end of tonight's #hashtagwars. we'll be back with more "@midnight." ( cheers and applause
people on board. angus houston sat down with our own anna coren to talk about the status of this search, what's happening right now, what's next, do they believe they will ever really find this plane? anna is live in canberra, australia. anna, what did houston have to say? >> reporter: well, john, as chief martial angus houston says he is confident they are looking in the right place, mh-370 is somewhere in the indian ocean. the bluefin-21 submersible will be at that search area within the next 24 hours and will be scouring the ocean floor on what will be its 19th dive. they're going to exhaust this lead. you know, that, of course, are those four pings they detected, believed to be pings from, beacons, if you like, from the black boxes on board mh-370. once that's exhausted, they will then move on to the next phase, which will take in some 20,000 square kilometers, and that could take 8 to 12 months to complete. but mr. houston said, you know, this search of the bluefin over the next month could find the debris. he certainly did not rule that out. he says that he is committed to
May 18, 2014 12:00pm PDT
had salt lake city and houston salt lake city had a big fire and houston down in the lower corner they burned and if i can get 90 seconds i'll show you the houston we're talking about how fast the fire spreads in the collapse zone so if we don't have a lot of area in the street where the building is going to come and collapse that will land on the firefighters so with the single-family home we're noting worried about that but the buildings collapse the only reason that mission bay didn't collapse was because of the scaffolding. this video was taken across the street from a commercial building. just 90 seconds you see how fast the fire starred this is the construction worker and you'll see how fast it takes to get to him. our residential unites will be bigger a than this >> you mean denseer. >> i mean higher yeah. once this gentleman is rescued you'll see the collapse i'm talking about this was 2014 two weeks after mission bay. so that's enough of that one that was history those are the types of building we're building all of them are like this that are the other interest is of the
May 26, 2014 2:00pm PDT
, and beyond. violent weather warnings for the houston area. let's go live to karen mcginnis. what is the latest? >> brianna, we have a very dynamic and dangerous situation taking place across a good portion of texas, including the coastal areas and west central texas. we'll focus in from corpus christi down towards houston. this is where the watch goes in effect until 9:00 local time. one particular cell moving off towards the northeast, very strong. already some reports of damage associated with this. this line just to the southwest of houston and the area right around roseburg. we've seen some trees fall down on homes. also, windows have been blown out of homes as well. this is expected to move off towards the northeast at just about 20 miles an hour. included in that is the fact that there's very heavy rain associated with this. so if a tornado does touch down, more than likely it is going to be rain-wrapped. all across texas, especially central and southern regions, we have flash flood warnings and flash flood watches out. now, remember, this is severe weather season. a warning,
May 23, 2014 6:30pm PDT
. >>> sÍ, mary comenzamos con un incidente que se conociÓ hoy en el aeropuerto de houston en texas. es que hay pocas cosas mÁs aterradoras que dos aviones comerciales acercÁndose peligrosamente en vuelo, y esto ha ocurrido en varias ocasiones en las Últimas semanas, carol botifoll, tiene nuevos detalles, sale a relucir justo cuando millones de pasajeros se preparan para volar el fin de sema semana feriado. >>> el incidente involucrÓ a dos aviones air bus a 320 que despegaban del aeropuerto de houston, el vuelo recibiÓ la orden de despegar por la pista 9 y doblar a la derecha, para una coaliciÓn directa con el vuelo rumbo a la ciudad de mÉxico que salÍa de otra pista. >>> los datos iniciales dicen que hubo un error, derecha en vez vez de izquierda. >>> estuvieron separados por solo 400 pies, el equivalente a poco mÁs de un campo de fÚtbol, volando a gran velocidad. de repente el controlador se dio cuenta, y emitiÓ estas instrucciones con urgencia. >>> (hablan en inglÉs). >>> el tiempo de colisiÓn es lo mÁs importante en este caso estaba por debajo de diez segundos, de ahÍ la
May 9, 2014 2:30am PDT
the books. no surprise with the top pick. >> with the first pick in the 2014 nfl draft the houston texans select clowney. >> what was surprising is how long johnny manziel waited. >> with the 22nd pick, the cleveland browns select johnny manziel. >> the browns moved up four spots to grab the former heisman trophy winner who waited an excruciating 3 1/2 hours -- that hurts. >> it was painful. >> playoff action now, hosting the blazers in game two of the western semi finals. ginobli added 16. spurs win it 113-97 and take a 2-0 series lead. let's go to miami. nets and heat in game two. less than four minutes left in the fourth. the heat play keepaway. brooklyn didn't even touch the ball for nearly two minutes. lebron james scored 22 points and the heat pull add way late for a 94-82 victory, the eighth straight playoff win gives the heat a 2-0 series lead. tonight the pacers visit the wizards and the clippers host the thunder. both of those series are tied at 1-1. to the ice and round two of the stanley cup playoffs. >> they score! a beautiful setup for salani and anaheim breaks the ti
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May 27, 2014 10:00am PDT
. powerful storms are moving across the country. a flash flood watch in texas now. in houston, streets are washed out after a heavy rainfall and a possible tornado reported in the region and a run off primary election for high- profile races. conditions are not ideal for the voers heading to the polls there. meteorologist janice dean is live for us. >> houston could get battered by strong wind and hail and tornado warnings and potential for flooding exist for southeast texas and to lewisville. look at the wall of water that produced a tornado warning. we don't have confirmation. but the rainfall amounts were incredible. west of houston seven inches of rain and more to come. flood advisories are posted and the threat of severe storms continues for texas to lewisville again around houston and dallas and alexand ria and new orleans. we are expecting more heavy rainfall. look at alexand ria. they could get eight inches plus. they need the rainfall but not eight inches in 12 hours. future radar shows you all of the storms that continue through thursday. houston has storms in the forecast for fi
May 31, 2014 11:00am PDT
. >> ordinance passes 11 votes to 6 votes. [ cheers and applause ] >> history in houston. that city just passed a controversial ordinance protecting lgbt residents. i'll talk to the city's mayor who led the fight. >>> and phil mickelson is under the microscope. he's accused of insider trading, at least being investigated for insider trading. we have new details on that. we also kick off our special series on historically black colleges and universities. i've spent time on several campuses over the past few months. i'll show you how these schools are changing in a dramatic way and what that means for their future. good saturday afternoon to you. i'm craig melvin. this is msnbc. we start this hour with the big news of the day. the release of u.s. army sergeant bowe bergdahl in afghanistan. he was released from captivity just a few hours ago. the taliban is now also confirming bergdahl's release saying, quote, our talks finally proved successful for prisoners' swap. we returned our valued guest to his countrymen and they released our people, including the top five commanders held in guantan
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May 23, 2014 1:00pm PDT
memorial day getaway. welcome everybody, i'm neil cavuto. houston, we have a problem again. two united airlines planes coming within a few hundred feet of each at houston's george bush intercontinental airport. this happened on may 9th. following other close calls last month in new jersey and hawai'i, and those are the ones we know about. with mike tobin at chicago's o'hare airport how fliers are reacting to it, and trace gallagher on the money that is supposed to prevent it, and terry price on where there's any safe place to fly. >> two united airlines flights came dangerously close to each other. less than a mile separated them laterally. less than 400 feet separated them vertically. we have segments from the very urgent conversation between united flight 346 and flight 601 as the town urges one plane to stop the turn. united 601, united 601, stop the heading. stop the right turn right there, sir. now, radio conversations with the pilot, you can hear one of them say he done understand what happened. another one said you're right on top of each other from my perspective. it loo
May 24, 2014 11:00am PDT
putting the language there -- >> the lgtb debate is heating up in houston. it's one of the country's largest cities, but it does not have something that many smaller do have. laws to protect lgbt residents. one woman is trying to change that. also, rosie the riveter. this memorial day weekend we're honoring our vets and the millions of women who jumpeded into the workplace after the men went off to war. . this weekend is also the unofficial start to the travel season. if you're looking for great deals, we have you covered on that front as well. good saturday to you again. i'm craig melvin. we start with the breaking story from california this afternoon. we're learning more about the investigation into the shooting rampage that left seven people dead, including the gunman. authorities are looking at a youtube video called ellio elliot rodgers' retribution. they believe their son is the suspected gunman. recently talked to police. the gunman's name, ellio elliot rodger. the rampage happened near the campus of uc santa barbara. according to sheriff deputies, the suspect, rodgers shot th
brain injuries, particularly in youth sports. >>> this morning the houston area is under a serious flood threat after days of drenching rains forced rivers from their banks and left these cars -- look at that -- plowing through water they should not have been driving through. the big worry is the san jacinto river, which is getting closer to homes. houston has seen more than 7 inches of rain in recent days. >> whoa! >> indra petersons here bright and early for a look at the weather today. >> good morning! >> good morning, indra. >> good morning, everybody. yeah, we've been talking about all this rain in the south for so long, and there's a reason for that. we have, and we are still talking about it. take a look at this right now, the radar. all the lightning around louisiana, going into mississippi and even alabama. yes, the storm is still there, very slow to move. look at the rainfall they've already seen. we're talking about places like houston, almost 7 inches of rain, baton rouge almost 4 inches, victoria close to about 5 inches of rain, and we're not stopping there. look at th
May 26, 2014 5:00am EDT
"eyes on the prize" charles houston, an early civil rights lawyer said lawsuits mean little unless supported by public opinion and baffling problem is how to create the proper kind of public opinion. to extend the goal of the movement is about shaping public opinion, or legislative and judicial appearance? >> they are tied together in some critical ways. it is the predicate for legislative change, social change, public opinion shift in your favor. i can think of two wonderful examples, everyone would be familiar with the letter from the birmingham jail by dr. king which is not only briton for the new york times also a pamphlet by christian groups, civil rights groups with the intent of changing public perception about the urgency or the need of civil rights protests and civil rights revolution in the country. did these people are agitators', they don't understand how difficult it is to change this culture, why do they foment these confrontations that lead to violence. so with king in much the way of any pamphleteer throughout history sort of nailing his letter to the church door an
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May 27, 2014 2:00am PDT
, houston and down into corp. pus christie. we are not looking at the risk of tornadoes only. the other concern is overall the storm system is relatively slow moving. we are looking at areas over texas and louisiana forecast through at least thursday, several days of heavy rain locally more than 8 inches of rain we have a number of flash watches in effect. it is very mild and warm. take a look at the current temperatures in new york city. only 5:10 in the morning 72 degrees. upper 60s in minneapolis. take a look at the forecast high temperatures for your tuesday. 88 degrees in new york city. you are going to make it to 90 yet again in rally, north carolina and further west in the u.s. and parts of the plainings. temperatures widespread in the 80s as well. >> remember when we were all complaining about the cold weather. no complaining about the heat. coming up>> the families that have the tornadoes. >> a rare catch in south florida. >> five men snagging a rare fish. they reamed him in and it took almost 2 hours to bring him to shore. >> he was so powerful so strong of a bish. ffz like he
May 1, 2014 9:00pm PDT
opportunity to digest this report? >> i wouldn't go that far, angus houston, in perth, is also there. my guess is there are high-level meetings taking place in kuala lumpur to discuss the future direction of the search. because although australia has the job of actually doing it, malaysia is still the state of registry. the state of operator and therefore is still in control. >> and of course you have that limited activity in the bay of bengal. although i know there is not a consensus, but perhaps -- you sum it up for me. are people buying into that? >> no, but they're going to have to go and look into it. so they're going to have a look. that is the price you pay for basically having no information. you dare not ignore something like that. >> if richard quest were at that media availability at midnight tonight, our time, what is it you would most want to ask having read that report? >> oh, easy, mr. -- minister, do you think it is acceptable that four hours went by before the search operation -- for whatever reason, is it acceptable to the traveling public? >> do you anticipat
>>> it has happened again! two huge passenger jets barely miss each other, this time over houston, after air traffic controllers sent one right into the path of the other jet. why does this keep happening? >>> he's promising to regain the trust of veterans, but this morning there are new calls for the va secretary to resign with even democrats now furious at the delays that may have cost lives. so, how long can eric shinseki hold on? and how long before the va problems are fixed? >>> shocking, new developments in a california kidnapping case. the suspect's lawyer says the victim went along willingly and only went to police now because she wants a divorce. a really troubling story that has victims' rights advocates very, very upset. good morning. welcome to "early start." i'm christine romans. >> i'm john berman. it's friday, may 23rd, 4:00 a.m. in the east. >>> breaking overnight, word of another frightening near collision at one of the nation's busiest airports. the faa is now investigating how two united airlines jets came within a few hundred feet of each other. that is very cl
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May 29, 2014 1:00pm PDT
but it cannot throw all the va facilities under the bus. here in houston, texas, we have the michael debakey facility, one of the best in the system. i know for a fact when people have had complaints we have been able to go to our 18th 18th congressional representative, congresswoman sheila jackson-lee, and we have gotten results here. i've been involved for the last 25 years with the veterans program here and i knee when veterans have completes cpa problems, we have gotten answers in houston, texas. i don't know what happened in arizona but we don't tolerate that in houston. >> reverend, there are problems and maybe the veterans agency is simply overwhelmed, can't handle this. >> those of us who are veterans and served understand when we come back we look for services and support. i asked for services in 1986. they didn't even know what ptsd was back then. vietnam era veterans had a whole different system of care, and right now, we need to recognize we have hundreds of thousands of individuals, and their family members who want answers. what needs to happen is we need to hav
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May 2, 2014 1:00pm PDT
. seven houston teachers and their union filed a federal lawsuit over their performance evaluations. claiming the city's decision to tie promotions and pay to student test scores is unfair. well, is it? attorney rebeca rhodess-woodland things so but randy says the teachers are hipcrats. strong word. back it up. make your case. >> how about a little bit of personal responsibility. great, that is how we measure students. so that is how we have to measure teachers. what is a amazing it's objective. imagine if we had some subjective standard where, okay, i'm the one who decided whether you get a bonus, get a raise. then people would be screaming, this is so unfair. maybe he likes me better than he like thursday other one? maybe he doesn't like this person, so we try to do something objective. stop complaining. >> rebecca, what is unfair about tying a teacher's pay to the performance on a test? >> that i don't think is unfair, and i don't think the teachers in houston are saying that unfair. what they're saying is, how it's being done. they don't mind being associated with the grades and
Al Jazeera America
Apr 30, 2014 8:00pm EDT
hopes to reunite with his father in houston. paul beban has that story. >> a vast remote desert surrounds the city of nogales. a fence slices through it. this teenagers and two cousins have traveled 2400 miles to make it here to the mexican side of this border town. >> translator: my name is axel fernandez and i'm 15 and from honduras. >> one of the most violent cities in the world. after crossing illegally, collectively known as the beast. a dangerous and dusty free ride more than 1400 miles all the way to the border in nogales. >> the trip wasn't easy because we came on the train. when you don't have water or food you get really hungry. people always tell you someone has fallen from the train that the train can killer you. >> the three axel every and omar stayed in a cheap hotel. >> it's hard. >> border patrol agent andy adale knows how hard the last stretch into the u.s. can be. he drove us some 13 miles east of nogales where the border fence gives away to open desert. >> these people that come to the united states looking for a job which is most of them they're very vulnerab
service us. rex thanks for calling. going on houston, texas. know what you think about the resignation. on because het was so thing so much fire. my husband is a vietnam veteran. he had everything that you can name. this secretaryas said he will [indiscernible] 100%.t got one -- his he is peerless on one side. february 2013. outside tohad to go do it. he has gone to the v.a. and i was trying to walk it was to everything. heart,t diabetes, his now he has skin cancer with agent orange and everything else. the reason, they did not give .im any benefits they -- it took him a long time to get in. we do not have insurance. on -- they found out, why did the v.a. not find this out? this is so terrible here. figurede did it but i they need to get doctors and a lot of doctors would come out and put calamine lotion on his back and he has skin cancer. >> thanks for your call. the president naming sloan gibson to run the department. he has been the deputy secretary since february. the past few months. denver, colorado. you're on the air. army.m retired a purple heart winner. i stand in
May 30, 2014 7:00pm PDT
. >> how are they going to get merchandise together? >> reporter: but in houston, texas, that perception is starting to change. >> there is a perception of retail out there that it is a go nowhere job, that it doesn't pay well. so why would a parent say hey, son, daughter, have you ever thought about going into retail? it doesn't happen because it is the perception we have to change. >> reporter: tracy davis is with the university of houston downtown. he is behind this pilot program aimed at teaching high schoolers retail is more than just ringing a register. the four-year class is called e-tail retail and has the support of retail giant walmart which has set up a retail lab at the school and provides student with the hands-on training at the retail stores. >> as long as they have a smile on their face and they have the ability and desire to work hard every day they will have a very successful career. >> reporter: a career in anything from logistics to marketing to store managing. jobs high school junior ramon didn't realize was in retail. >> i had no idea in retail, the huge
Al Jazeera America
May 9, 2014 1:00pm EDT
still around, 85 degrees on saturday, 87 around houston, notice denver at 68 degrees. well, enjoy it while you are. big changes on the way. not just for the eastern u.s. but, also, back out across the west. we have our next store system moving down from the pacific northwest. it's going to head into the four corners region. we will deal with snow levels lowering and in some instances down valley floors and we could see a few inches piling up here around the denver area by the time we get into sunday and to monday. so, we will go for rain and storms with temperatures near 70 around denver on saturday and then temperatures will take that big dive. we do have a winter storm watch in effect for the mile-high city. del, back to you. >> never to late to bring out the if you ares. ebony dion thank you very much. well, some of you football fans celebrating. others are tearing up your fantasy ball rosters, the first round of the n.f.l. draft held last night. the first pick was picked by the houston, texans. the big loser might be the most pollarizing, johnny manziel. he fell to number 2010 pi
May 28, 2014 5:00am PDT
a look at the board here and show you what's happening down further south into houston. where a lot of rainfall has been taking place. now back in april, much, much below the average rainfall of around 40 millimeters, as opposed to the average of 84 millimeters. and then in may, in the past few days, we jumped up to 216 millimeters of rain. and so, way above the average so far for this year. and it looks like more rain is coming for parts of the deep south. here's that low pressure system responsible for causing some of the strong weather into parts of texas. that is moving forward the east. so louisiana you're looking out for the possibility of some severe weather. earlier i just mentioned about the low pressure system into montana. that is moving toward the east bringing some possibilities of more severe weather for parts of montana and into the dakotas, and yes, isolated tornadoes are part of the threat as we go through your wednesday. and so a very active weather scenario for the eastern half of the united states. and some rain expected for parts of southwest canada, and for tho
May 1, 2014 4:00am PDT
the hard wood, houston stays alive. it is fourth quarter, 12-0 run, takes down portland. dwight howard and jeremy lin played big, 43 points combined. leads houston to a 108-98 win. portland leads the series, 3-2. >>> san antonio also with a 3-2 series lead over dallas now. a new dad only hours before tip-off, tony parker led san antonio 23 points and the win, 109-103. >>> down by 26, brooklyn claws back against toronto. brooklyn down by two, seconds left. they miss the free throw on purpose to get the rebound, but they missed the pass and the shot. yep. toronto 115-113, leading three games to two. >>> i believe he's a good man, but it is time for this good man to act, remove the hateful term from the group. >> he went to the owner of the washington redskins to change the team's name. many native americans consider redskins a racial insult. >>> new york and philadelphia, the playoff series, so intense, even the fans slugging it out. that was during game six tuesday. wednesday's game was a little less raucous. new york scores two goals early on. philadelphia only adds one goal. new york
May 23, 2014 5:30pm PDT
airbus a-320s, both out of george bush intercontinental airport in houston. one of them was headed to vancouver, the other to mexico city. transportation correspondent jeff pegues tells us what went wrong. >> it happened on may 9 around m. united flight 601 was on runway 9 taking off. another united plane, flight 437, had just departed on runway 15 left. the controller instructed the pilot of flight 601 to make a right turn, putting the planes on a collision course, before realizing his mistake. >> reporter: the aircraft ended up separated by less than a mile and 400 feet vertically. >> reporter: the incident is the third near midair collision in recent weeks. on april 24 at newark international airport, two planes escaped a collision by an even smaller margin. a day later, a miscommunication between air traffic controllers led to a united airlines jet and us airways plane flying over each other. within seconds of a disaster, emergency warnings kicked in and one plane descended while the other went up. the f.a.a. says planes got too close to each other nearly 4,400 times in 2012, an a
May 9, 2014 4:00am PDT
country. >>> in sports the nfl draft resumes tonight with the houston texans making the first pick in the second round. houston got things started last night by making jadeveon clowney the number one overall pick. the former south carolina defensive end was widely considered the top prospect in the draft, but the big story was where college football's marquee player would wind up. heisman trophy winner johnny manziel had to wait nearly three hours to hear his name called. >> with the 22nd pick of the 2014 nfl draft, the cleveland browns select johnny manziel. >> cleveland made three trades during the first round, the last of which netted them the former texas a&m quarterback. manziel said it didn't worry him that he wasn't one of the first players taken. >> i felt going into this that everything would work itself out, and i was a true believer in that, so obviously there were some spots i thought i might end up, but when it didn't happen, there was no list or bitterness or grudge or anything there about that. >> manziel becomes the fourth quarterback taken by the browns in the firs
May 8, 2014 4:00am PDT
of a funk to score a season-high 28 points. indiana takes game two. 86-82. >>> the houston texans are on the clock. houston holds the number one overall pick in the nfl draft, which will kick off tonight. on wednesday they played flag football with school kids in manhattan. >>> and the highlight of the night goes to the miami marlins' ball boy. in the third inning he dives over the wall to stop the ball. now, the ball comes out of his glove, but you've got to appreciate the effort. a for effort there. >>> when we return, a major drug bust. federal agents conduct raids in dozens of states in a crackdown on synthetic drugs. always-puts-herself-last mom... don't-mess-with-my-mom mom... liking-everything-i-share- on-facebook mom... had-me-young-but-made-it-work mom... reminds-you-she-wants- to-be-a-grandma mom... two-moms-are-better-than-one mom... not-your-mom-but-like-a-mom. whatever type of mom you have, she deserves to hear i love you more often. bring her into starbucks this mother's day for a special treat. when you try my new teavana® oprah chai tea latte, we'll give your mom
May 8, 2014 11:00pm PDT
reclutamiento de la nfl, y los primeros en elegir fueron los tejanos de houston. la seleccionÓ - selecciÓn nÚmero uno del reclutamiento 2014, fue para houston, se quedaron con el jugador de carolina del sur. la selecciÓn nÚmero cuatro correspondiÓ a los buffalo hills, seleccionaron a samuel. y los ravens fueron quintos, se quedaron con el de la universidad de bÚfalo. los halcones de atlanta se quedarÁn con matthews. los 49 seleccionaron en la casilla nÚmero 30 a jimmy. duelo de lanzadores, mÁs tarde, lÍnea peligrosa que salía del bate de gonzÁlez. en 10 entradas los gigantes se quedaban con la victoria por marcador de 3 a 1. >> perfecto, un sistema gracias william. >> buenas noches. >> regresamos, no le cambie. @ñ÷÷ >> el riesgo padecer un derrame cerebral, los investigadores hicieron un estudio que involucraban a cientos de personas, encontraron que quienes consumÍan frutas y vegetales disminuÍan mÁs de un 30% la posibilidad de un derrame cerebral, que la cuarta causa de muerte en estados unidos. >> despuÉs de estar en una serie de escÁndalos que rodearon
May 9, 2014 5:30pm PDT
severe threat including st. louis, memphis, houston. tomorrow the worst of it moves to threaten kansas city, oklahoma city and on sunday mother's day. the severe threat area expands from central texas all the way north to chicago and beyond. >>> and on this mother's day weekend, new numbers out today show that more than ever before women are waiting longer to have children, if they can afford to. in the last decade or so, there is a 35% increase among women 40 to 44 having children for the first time. then there is this number, over the past four decades, a 900% increase among women over 35 having a first child. we get more tonight from nbc's janet shamlian. >> reporter: 36-year-old ellen has spent years building a career as an ob/gyn surgeon but having a family was also part of her plan. >> i realized i needed to do something before i became a desperate person looking to find anybody to marry just so i can have a baby. >> reporter: so two years ago at 34, ellen froze her eggs at the cleveland clinic. her mom karen helped pay for the procedure. ellen is among a growing number of women
Al Jazeera America
May 8, 2014 7:00am EDT
bucks for the respective teams. this year, the houston texasens own the number one overall pick, but where will johnny manziel go in the draft, the brash, heisman trophy winner electrified on the college gridiron at texas a&m but can he dominate in the nfl? >> nothing's changed. continue to get better every day and through this off-season and through this process, yeah, it's to try and put myself in the best position possible to get drafted. at the same time, i want to be good and continue to get better as a player. >> experts agree he'll be a top tin pick. one well to do texas a and m alum is pressuring the houston texans to pick him number one overall, putting bill boards up all over houston, a key to keep johnny football in texas. >> i'm hoping i can convince the texans ownership to draft him. i don't want to go to cleveland or any of the other places considering him. it would be great if he could play in houston. >> south carolina's clooney is a gifted athlete at 6'6", 270 pounds, a defensive end with speed of a wide receiver. >> michael sam made national headlines for coming on
FOX News
May 28, 2014 12:00pm PDT
about the size of the city of cleveland. folks in houston breaking for another day of severe storms. emergency workers say a woman died yesterday possibly because of a tree branch that knocked her to the ground and 12 other people hurt. >>> a prosecutor in iran denies that they asked the facebook ceo mark zuckerberg to appear in court. he was concerned about facebook owning apps violating people's privacy. analysts say zuckerberg probably won't show up. >>> coming up in just a moment, why the president said the best military in the world, it's a hammer, but every problem is not a nail. >>> the u.s. military action cannot be the only or even primary component of our leadership in every instance. just because we have the best hammer does not mean that every problem is a nail. >> war doesn't solve all problems. president obama today defending his foreign policy and calling for congress to support a $5 billion fund to help fight terrorism around the world. the president proposed the plan during his commencement address at westpoint and noted the 2014 graduates may well be the first sinc
FOX News
May 23, 2014 12:00pm PDT
houston's airport. official says air traffic controllers cleared a united airlines jet to take off for mexico city as controllers also directed another united airlines jet to turn on to the runway into the path of the first aircraft. officials say the planes came within less thon a mile of each about but separated vertically by 400 feet. another close call at new newark airport and a near collision of two planes over the pacific ocean. >> this is a live map of the air traffic over the u.s. right now and air traffic controllers have their hands full and to put these distances in perspective, takes one of these jets seven seconds to fly one mile. so take two planes at cruising speeds going at each other, there's 3.5 seconds away from disaster. but the faa reports these have been going down. more than 700 in 985. only 85 in 2012, the last year that data is available, but 85 too many for anybody on the plane. >> and get its tougher when you're getting close to the airport. >> absolutely. >> crews in arizona say they're making progress on the so-called slide fire, but thousands are people a
with angus houston and jean-paul troadec this morning. earlier today, i met with retired air marshal angus houston, who has been leading the joint agency coordination center, jacc, in perth, coordinating the search of mh-370 in the southern indian ocean, and mr. jean-paul troadec, the head of the french investigation team for air france flight 447 and the former head of the aviation accident investigation bureau. the presence of these two individuals in kuala lumpur is to discuss the new phase we are entering into the search operation. the meeting was a testament to malaysia's inclusiveness in coordinating the next phase of this unprecedented search, and it reaffirms our relentless commitment as well as that of the international community in searching for mh-370. progress regarding the subcommittees. the three subcommittees or ministerial committees led by the three deputy ministers have been meeting and efforts have been intensified to prepare ourselves for the next phase. let me now update you on this progress. the technical committee. the international investigative team,
after both took off from houston's bush intercontinental airport. now, this happened two weeks ago. an air traffic controller told one plane to turn right, directly into the path of the other plane. they were only seconds away from colliding when the controller realized the error and told the planes to turn again, avoiding, narrowly avoiding disaster. listen to what it sounded like. >> united 437, turn right heading 180 and maintain 300 there. >> turn right immediately. >> united 601, stop your turn, climb, stop your turn for united 601. >> the fourth we've learned about just this week. >> stop your turn, stop your turn. >>> embattled va secretary eric shinseki fighting to keep his job and promised to fix delays in care that may be costing veterans their lives. it could be a tough battle for the beleaguered ex-general because some high-profile democrats now are demanding that he step down. here's chief congressional correspondent dana bash. >> reporter: christine and john, va secretary eric shinseki was summoned to a closed-door meeting on capitol hill yesterday afternoon, not to m
May 5, 2014 9:00am PDT
in november. they'll take place in a mars like a barman at the johnson space center in houston. and now here's the weather forecast the room. i am. the car. it seems like this around you know tommy until jill of all of this year at nhk world. i knew. in all tht. two years this woman lost two fingers in an accident. she's just gone and taken to me was to teach him this. they were the all. twenty you can excuse his passion his arms it is a trustee says. she has regained a dream of becoming a professional concert. i got it that it is that they can do it. isn't it nice to not be noticeable the season. he's a smooth replace his point. it's like fingers and teens. i created for seventeen. exactly like the real thing. you will i checked. it is. pcs have attracted the attention of the medical profession as well in the studio. amy told me in the us. as a person's life. choose the seats don't just look good. we possess a functionality that compensates for will be replaced. the opening. he's young i am able to fulfill difficult requests ice sheet in utah. i think this. be it i do. it reads. la
Al Jazeera America
May 8, 2014 4:00pm EDT
do texas a&m alum is pressuring the houston texans to pick him number one overall. putting billboards up all over houston. now the heisman trophy winner electrified the college gridiron, but can he dominate the nfl. >> so continue to get better every day, and through this off season, yeah, it is to try and put myself in the best position possible, at the same time i want to be good and get better as a player. south carolina's clownny, he is a gifted athlete at 6'6", 270 is pounds. testive end with speed of a wide receiver. michael sam made national headlines for coming out in february, now the former missouri player hopes to make history by becoming the first openly gay player to be drafted and then play in the nfl. he expected to be a mid to late round pick, but nothing pays like being number one, this year's top pick, slated to receive a $24 million contract, which includes a $15 million signing bonus, pretty good for a college kid, and the first round gets underway tonight. and it wraps up on saturday. >> a lot of intrigue on who that number one guy is, if it isn't houst
. houston, five inches of rain. look at the picture knowing more rain is on the way. flooding is going to be the concern. a slow moving low pulling all the moisture in from the gulf. look at how much more rain they are expecting. another four to six inches possible in louisiana and kind of the border of mississippi. that's going to be one of the concerns, a flooding threat there high. also threat for severe weather. doesn't look like a lot. major cities in new orleans, they have that threat including tornadoes. montana looking for that threat as well. the bigger story is all the moisture hanging around the eastern half of the country. still talking scattered showers today. the bigger thing is you are going to notice this huge temperature drop. boston, you felt it yesterday. today, new york city, look at the drop. 50s by 5:00 today. by tomorrow, d.c. gets into the action. you are dropping as well. that's the change in the northeast. no longer is it hot and humid in the weekend. the southeast is staying hot and humid. what would it be like without being hot and humid. >>> ross to the rescue
FOX News
May 23, 2014 8:00am PDT
this, two planes taking off nearly fly right into each other over houston. what averted that disaster? we'll tell you about that next. captain: this is a tip. bellman: thanks, captain obvious. captain: and here's a tip. when you save money on hotel rooms, it's just like saving money on anything else that costs money. like shoes, textiles, foreign investments, spatulas, bounty hunters, javelins... jon: what could have been a mid-air collision just south of houston's airport narrowly averted this month. turns out two united airlines flights taking off at the same time came within 400 feet of each other altitudewise, with almost 150 people on each plane just weeks after a similar incident at newark's airport. molly henneberg joins us live from washington with the latest on what a very close call. molly? >> reporter: absolutely, jon. you know how close it is for two passenger jets to r 400 feet vertically and .8 of a mile laterally apart from each other. it happened two weeks ago when a air traffic controller apparently told a plane taking off to turn right, instead of left. here is how t
May 1, 2014 2:00am PDT
contract. they said no way. so he resigned. to the hardwood now. houston stays alive as they take down portland. jeremy lin played big. leads houston to a 108-98 win. portland still leading the series three dagames to two. tony parker, a new dad hours before tipoff, leading with points. the win 109-103 is what they get. down by 26, brooklyn claws back. seconds left. they miss the free throw on purpose to get the rebound. but they miffed the pass. they miff also the shot. toronto 115-113 leading 3-2 now. new york and philadelphia's nhl playoff series. pretty intense. the fans even slugging it out. look at that one. that was during game six on tuesday. let me take you to wednesday's game. new york scores two early goals there. philadelphia only adds one. they're on to the next round. los angeles getting their own game seven win. the win over san jose makes them only the fourth team after losing the first three games to win the series for san jose. a pit bull desperate for a game of fetch interrupted a college softball game. he steals the ball and then gets another one because one's not g
May 27, 2014 4:00am PDT
state remains covered under tornado watches and flash flood warnings. and in some parts of houston, the storms dumped nearly half a foot of rain. >> and today, the wide band of severe storms is stretching from the texas gulf coast, to the great lakes, continues to march across the midwest. but it will be clear from the back end of that system, all the way to the west coast. >> across the nation, temperatures will mostly be in the 80s, except for new england and the pacific northwest. today's hot spot, phoenix at 108 degrees. >>> to colorado now. they'll be searching again today for three men missing after a huge mudslide. the search has been slowed because only the lower third of the three-mile-long slide is stable. it's believed to be several hundred feet deep and about a half a mile wide. bill clark is the cousin of one of the missing men. >> how can anybody ever expect or see anything like this coming or happening? they were just up there checking the water, afraid of losing a county road. >> family members are holding out hope that the missing men are safe in an area that doesn
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